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A Passion for Travel and Exploration

Introducing Bridge Month, where travel organization becomes an art! Meet the Dukette family: Scott, Barbara, and Candy. Our passion is travel, adventure, and guiding others to explore the world.


Meet Scott Dukette

Scott's adventurous time in the U.S. Navy ignited a deep love for travel, leading him to discover breathtaking places like Italy, New Zealand, Antarctica, and Korea. Alongside his wife Barbara, they have embarked on journeys across more than 25 countries, spanning North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Through their extensive travels, they found themselves captivated by the allure of these remarkable destinations, sparking curiosity about what it would be like to call these places home permanently.

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Meet Barbara Dukette

Barbara, a former Welcome Wagon hostess and science teacher, enjoys outdoor activities such as geocaching, bike riding, kayaking, and gardening. She loves connecting with new people, enjoying quality time together, and discussing books.

As each of their children and grandchildren graduates, Scott and Barbara take them on journeys to their desired destinations, broadening their family's global experiences.


Meet Candy Dukette

At Bridge Month, Candy Dukette, with her business administration background and extensive experience in the finance industry, brings a wealth of knowledge and problem-solving skills to the table. She is dedicated to helping you find unique experiences for your adventure, ensuring that organization and planning are seamless.

Outside of work, Candy embraces her curiosity and love for exploration. She seeks out new travel destinations, dives into captivating books, enjoys kayaking, and practices up-cycling to breathe new life into old objects.

Experience All-Inclusive International Travel for Retirees

Bridge Month offers a comprehensive program to kickstart your exploration. From managing home setup logistics to acquainting you with the area and connecting you with locals, we make the process less daunting. Embrace the beauty and novelty of each city you visit, as we turn your exploration dreams into reality. Join us on this incredible journey!

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